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Charlie and Biscuit

Charlie's Goals for 2002

The longevity of our study at Kambalnoye Lake gives it credibility that gathering information for a year or two would not have done. The study, has now successfully spanned seven years, involving many hundreds of encounters, in every type of situation. Most of them have been pleasant and not one that was threatening to the point of requiring the use of pepper spray. These experiences are indicating that we personally, have worked out ways to be safe around grizzly bears as long as they have not been abused or otherwise badly treated by anyone previously. We have had remarkable cooperation during the seven years that has kept our study bears free from other human influence while we were not here.

My main goal for this year is to analyze the many things we do that allow us to enjoy sharing the land with these animals in a safe way, unobtrusively. This involves defining precisely how to speak about our findings and identify practical ways others can use our information towards lasting good of the species.

My second goal is to work on the daunting task of finding a strategy and a frame of mind that will allow others to be able to except grizzlies on the same real-estate as they live or recreate, thus creating much habitat that the bears would otherwise not have.

The launch of our book Grizzly Heart was put forward to October 8th 2002 and we are working on a companion book of photos called Grizzly Seasons that will be published one year later, also by Random House. I will work on this book during storms while I am cabin bound. .



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