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Maureen's Goals for 2002

This year it is with a degree of thankfulness that I am back at Kambalnoye Lake. For those of you who did not hear of my accident, I fell 20 feet off of our house one early morning at -25C when I was locked out of our house accidentally. It is a long story about how that came about but I fractured my 2nd lumbar vertebrae in 3 places. I was in a mid torso cast for 3 months and after following a fantastic but rigorous physiotherapy program set by Terry Kane of Heavens Fitness, Calgary, I
was pronounced well enough to begin the second phase of recuperation - riding a quiet horse. By May I was riding my colts and to the surprise of many, am strong enough to return to the field this summer.

My Goals this Season are :
1. Continue to work with Charlie to prove that living closely with these bears is a safe and sustainable situation. This year is a special one with the release of Grizzly Heart; making photos even more important with lecture tours looming on the horizon.

2. Record in photo and drawing the personality of Biscuit and Brandy with her cubs. As my charcoal drawings enter their 7th year of development, I feel more excited than ever as I seem to be revealing more and more about the emotions of bears. Develop with paint and cast images, the world of the bear that is not about taking trophies but about recording sensual impressions.

3. Try to develop with photographs a lexicon of poses that are about bear language. Record more bear sounds to illustrate with sounds, their verbal communication system.

4. Expand the use of electric fence to control bear movement.

5. Expand the guide training program for bear viewing as part of our overall goal directed at sustainable conservation of bears and their habitat in Kamcahtka.

6. Develop a concept and implementation plan for a post-graduate course where artists develop work based on environmental issues. I hope to focus on salmon and their link to the conservation of bears and wild habitat.



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