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Charlie's Goals for 2004/2005

1. Kamchatka
a) Poaching Control Program
My ranger program for the South Kamchatka Sanctuary has been functioning successfully for six years, but now needs a different administrative roof under which to operate. I will be working with Gleb Raygorodetsky, to form an organization in Kamchatka. Gleb is a Kamchatkan biologist who works with the Wildlife Conservation Society out of New York. Operating within our fund, he and I will work on our own pet projects; mine being the protection to South Kamchatka Sanctuary which is a World Heritage Site. This area's only protection has been the ranger program in which I found the money to start and operate 6 years ago. The Director of this initiative will continue to be Volodia Gordienko who I have worked with all along. Volodia was an official of the Hunting Regulations Department of Kamchatka, but will now work full time as Director of the Kamchatka Bear Fund which Gleb and I are establishing.
· Starting now, I will need to raise about US $60,000 a year to fund the protection part of our program.
· Supervisory trip to Kamchatka to make necessary changes for continuing ranger programs.

b) Guide Training Program
· Add an entry level course for the 2004/2005 season.
· Our objective has been to help Kamchatka realize their amazing potential of being the next major eco-tourist destination in the world.

2. Application in North America
I have long seen a need in North America to help communities co-exist with bears and other wildlife. I am working on an opportunity to apply much of what our bears taught us in Russia to our everyday living with them here. I anticipate this will keep me busy for many years.
a ) I now want to focus on the human component of co-existing with bears. I need a research year with two objectives:
· Visit McNeil River, Brooks Falls, Lynne Rogers etc. to see how other experts manage people who are close to bears.
· Find an isolated village/group of people in bear habitat to apply my knowledge gained in Kamchatka, combined with that of other experts.

b) Electric fencing: Provide information and deliver a seminar on the use of electric fencing in rural areas to control bears. Work with North Forty Feed and Farm Services to develop internet ordering of electric fence packages for acreage owners and backcountry users. Make Counter Assault Bear Spray available through North Forty.

c ) Produce a two-page information bulletin for acreage owners on how to live with bears. Include information on bird feeders, barbecues, horse feed, dog food, etc.

d) Continue educational commitment by developing database, by indexing by topic on CD-ROM, of our slide file of 12, 000 slides and conduct Power Point shows and lectures across the continent.


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